#51 Some Truths

Following a week plunged into that abyss of undesirable emotions, I’m grateful at least for some truths that emerged out of it. Some were old, some were new but all of them concepts and ideas were actually very simple to grasp. What makes them difficult to live out is perhaps the fact that I’ve underestimated these truths and taken them for granted.

1) We are always in need of inspiration, people to look up to and goals to keep us going.
2) Dedication, precision, passion and hard work goes a long way, no matter what it is you put your hand to, even in the daily routine of getting dressed for the day. It’s about taking pride in everything you do.
3) People who love you will never give up on you. {you know who you are}
On that note, I’m really grateful for the people God put in my life, especially for those who were there for me, patiently listening and encouraging me to press on. With one more essay and an exam to go, an impending sore throat and cold, a very messed up body clock that has taken to sleeping at 4am and waking up at 1am, the continuous rainy weather we’ve been having for the past two weeks, countless online distractions in the form of fashion blogs and online shopping – more than ever, I need to focus on God, on discipline in fixing myself, on finishing this first academic year well.
One more month.
To you: I’m sorry that you’ve had to put up with all these for the past month. Thank you for being so patient and loving. I can’t wait to see you soon.
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