#49 What a Man wants in a Woman

I just came across this written by someone named Dan Bode. I felt absolutely compelled to share it here because the following except contains truths that women (and men) really need to hear:
“…So as a man, what would I like to see in a woman?
Someone who sees herself as valued already, and isn’t afraid of being honest about who she is.
Someone who isn’t afraid to insist on being treated fairly, and treat him fairly in turn.
Someone who will allow a man to show his emotions without fear, because the comforting circle of the arms of a woman who loves him is a powerful thing – whether he will ever admit it or not.
Love requires Forgiveness. 
When we participate in romance we are living out our fantasies of being in love with our perfect match – but since no one is perfect we have to apply Grace to cover the others faults and fall in love again with this person who, while not nearly perfect, is indeed our perfect match. 
What does a man really want?
He wants a beautiful woman, but not the beautiful woman you might think.
If you as a woman wish to see beauty then go and take off the makeup. Look in the mirror.  This is the face of beauty, but you must learn to see it in yourself.  See yourself without the blinders of this world’s definition.  See yourself as God intended you to be.  Act as though you are as beautiful as anyone else around you.  The man who recognizes that beauty in you is the one who knows what he wants and will strive to meet your needs with what he has to offer you.  (There is a caveat to this whole argument: many men in today’s society are completely blind to true beauty, but you’re better off ignoring them.  That man will only cause you pain.)
As hard as it is, please be patient with us.
You will find each other when you are supposed to.
Because in the end, what a man wants isn’t nearly as important as who you are meant to be.”
We need to remind ourselves that beauty isn’t what we’ve been conditioned to believe but rather, what God says it is. Somehow as women, our natural insecurities refuse to believe that THAT beauty already exists within us. It manifests itself not in physical appearances nor mere social graces but in upright character and unwavering confidence that comes from faith.
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