#46 The Daily Grind

I’ve just been so out of it this week for some reason. I can’t help but feel that the daily grind of things is getting to me. Having to prepare for five tutorials per week, each with at least 50+ pages of readings and a set of questions to answer, is no joke. I’ve been wanting to get out of Exeter just for a day trip but this daily workload doesn’t seem to take too kindly to that idea. Plus, the weather has just taken a turn for the freezing sub-zero temperatures this week. I’ve been thinking about ways to ‘get out’ of being bogged down by the daily grind, which I have attempted to do so in the course of the week:
– Treat thyself to an episode of ‘Gossip Girl’ a day after school to unwind
– A cup of fresh coffee every day (oh dear, I’m becoming an addict…)
– Eat lots because it’s cold
– Distract self with pretty images of lovely interiors, places, food, people and encouraging words
– Listen to music more often than I usually allow myself to
– Justify moment of distraction with the basis on online ‘job-searching’ for the near future
– Flood the bathroom and consequently, the room’s carpet because it’s not something mundane that happens every day like homework (Ok. I kid about the intention. But it did happen this week. )
– Try not to Skype too often because everyone back home has their own life to live
Above all, try not to curse. It’s not very becoming of a lady and least of all, of a person whose faith is in God. On a positive note, for all the sub-zero temperatures, the sun was out on most days of the week. I noticed my moods were better on those days.


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