#42 Retrospect

Hello 2012!
I’m not quite sure how I feel about 2012, unlike many others who are pretty certain that this is the year the world ends. And once more, it amazes me at how fast the past year has flown. 2011 has been a rather challenging year for me, but nevertheless still enjoyable overall. Here’s an attempted timeline of 2011:
January: This blog was born and it was when I picked up blogging regularly again.
February: 5 months into learning to live abroad on my own, I was still grappling with loneliness. I signed up for an account on PostCrossing and began to send and receive random postcards from random people across the globe.
March: I botched my eyebrows after entrusting them to a local salon beautician, never again. I also went to York and had to think about big decisions.
April: Sleep was elusive and my level of homesickness was at its peak. I remember begging several times to come home then even though I was just 2 months shy of coming home for the summer. Attended my first Exeter Food & Drink Festival for 3 days in a row and stuffed myself with heavenly food all day long; I’m definitely going again this year.
May: The end of final exams brought great joy. Spring weather was most pleasant and outdoor picnics with the girls were aplenty.
June: The exhilarating joy of coming home after 9 long months was an amazing feeling. Vacationed in Taiwan and Malaysia with the family.
July: Filled with meet-ups with friends and I started a proper internship for the first time.
August: Work continued and was quickly becoming dull. I realised time was ticking and I missed my social life.
September: Bittersweet weeks leading up to my departure for the UK. On one hand, I just loved being at home and on the other, I couldn’t wait to return back to my life here where I had my own space and freedom.
October: Adjusting back to life here was quite a breeze. My then timetable was very Skype-friendly. I loved and still love my new room.
November: The workload piled up swiftly and I felt completely stressed. Didn’t really have much of a social life.
December: Visited gorgeous Bath for a day with two girlfriends, Y and H. Experienced the old joy of getting Christmas gifts and cards for loved ones again. Got to see the family again and re-visited my childhood’s “heaven on earth” – Disney World after 11 long years, reminding me why I love America. Well, the holiday aspect of it along with the plus-sized everything and late night shopping (:

Amongst the many things to be thankful for in 2011, I’m thankful that/for in no particular order:
1) God sustained me through 9 months of living abroad on my own for the first time, He saw me through ups and downs and was always faithful and true to who He is.
2) I was blessed with good grades for my foundation year and got a place in Exeter.
3) An extremely supportive and loving family who never fails to care and pray for me all the time. And of course, good friends back home who do the same.
4) By God’s grace the relationship has not only survived LDR but has also grown in many ways that I thought wasn’t possible.
5) A bunch of good girlfriends with whom I have gone through a lot and for the friendship we all share despite our many differences in personality and culture.
6) The provision of technology like Skype, BBM and Whatsapp, all without which, I would not be able to keep in close contact with family and loved ones back home. I’ve realised that constant contact, even if its a conversation on the most trivial of things, means a lot in terms of keeping ties alive.
All in all, I’m really grateful for the things God has blessed me with, many of which were things beyond what I could have asked for. Thank you, God for teaching me so much in both the good times and bad times.



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