#40 Tuesday Night

I’m pretty sure I can’t concentrate on Cicero and his ideas about an ideal state anymore tonight. Not at this hour. As usual, I have a million and one thoughts on my mind, tumbling onto each other with me being unable to focus on one thing for a prolonged period of time. Nothing new really. I will try my best to organize my thoughts properly here, hence the sudden urge to write in this little virtual corner of mine.
#1: Christmas is fast approaching, I’m so excited!



Sorry, but allow me to indulge a little in my ‘superficial’ side. I do love Christmas trees, fairy lights, a Christmas stocking each for members of the family, presents, home-cooked Christmas-y food that comes only once a year and spending time with the family. There’s just something really special about this time of the year that no other holiday, not even Chinese New Year, can rival. It certainly isn’t the pretty  landscape of snow because we don’t get that back home. In fact, I’ve grown up celebrating Christmas in a hot climate, definitely far from being a “White Christmas”. I would love to be able to celebrate Christmas properly in winter though but with my family this time. With the fireplace going, the fire making crackling noises every now and then, the soothing   jazz and blues tunes of Christmas, the abundance of throws and warm socks all around, I think it would add a warm, cosy touch to family time because there’s nothing else to do outside apart from building snowmen but to stay home in the warmth. Well, let’s just say I have quite a vivid imagination. Or what might be closer to the truth would the admission that I do dream about this from time to time.

At the risk of sounding like a silly girl, I can’t wait to have my own house and set my own traditions. The mistletoe is a must of course. And a Christmas stocking for everyone, adult or child, goes without saying. Amidst all the splendor of Christmas decor, presents and food, quality family time together and remembering as a family why Christmas is even celebrated in the first place must and will remain centre stage in the household. So much to look forward to in the future and so much to work on in the present in order to get to where I would love to be.
#2: Several parcels came in this past week – another reason for the excitement!
So that would mean I am now the proud owner of a red Snuggie (those wonderful fleece blankets with sleeves), a citrus green tea scent from L’Occitane, a nice, warm pair of Zara leggings and 4 birthday cards – all courtesy of friends. I really am appreciative of the thought and effort that went into all these. And to top it off, my orders from Amazon finally arrived in the post – BRITA water filter cartridges (okay this is a need shared with Yasmin) and a book I’ve been wanting to read, I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith. I can’t wait to read some non-academic, non-school related books. I have been seriously deprived of them for the entire term. But seeing as I have two essays and an exam in early January, I doubt I’ll be able to read a substantial amount leisurely, much less finish a book. I can’t decide which novel to take with me on the trip this Friday (along with the other academic ones which I have no choice but to read for my essays): this new one or Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, another book I’ve always wanted to read. On a side note to self: I need to learn how to speed read.
#3: Another thing on my mind – the things I need to do before I fly off this Friday. I’m not fantastic at keeping track of what I need to do when. I’m good at making lists, but terrible at sticking to them.
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