#39 Blessed

Having churned out three essays in 2 weeks, I’m more than ready to take a breather. The stress I felt during those 2 weeks was more intense than the stress I felt the entire year of foundation. I don’t take stress as well as the average person. Those 2 weeks were filled with sleepless nights, frequent headaches, constant inability to sustain proper conversation with my flatmates simply because my mind was elsewhere and of course, tears. Yet, I now feel incredibly blessed for having been through the impossible of doing two essays of more than 1,500 words each within 6 days. No more last minute work again. I am just amazed at how God brought me through those 6 days, granting me mental alertness and the inspiration to write my essays. I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to finish them. He guided me when I made baby steps to pray a short prayer each time before I wrote my essay. Also, He gave me far more than what I deserved for my first essay in uni. So grateful.

Although having said that, it’s all very easy to be grateful and contented in the good times. It’s during the bad times that such contentment counts the most. I would like to be able to count my blessings even when the going gets tough, that would be the mark of true character.
I love living on my own here sometimes. A slower pace of life and a less-urbanised environment does wonders to open up my eyes to things I didn’t quite used to see back home. I appreciate simple things so much more now like being alone in the warmth of my small but cozy room with laid-back music playing and a hot cup of tea. And in my recent busyness and stress over the sudden influx of essays, I’ve learned to appreciate Skype sessions so much more and to appreciate that special boy. It’s the little things that count for so much. And certainly, every prayer that has been prayed for me has blessed me a great deal. So thank you, God.
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