#38 Breathe

What a crazy, sleep-deprived week it has been, filled with stress-induced headaches, breakouts and prolonged periods of brain overdrive. Since submitting the essay on Thursday, I’ve just been chilling with friends, having late night talks, going into town after what feels like a very long time and browsing through my usual blogs and sites to unwind. I must say it’s all been very pleasant. I’m currently feeling rather fulfilled after posting my brother’s present, sending a postcard to Germany, gave the ensuite bathroom an overdue scrub-down and grocery shopped to my heart’s content. But seeing as it is now Saturday night and having done no work the entire weekend, it is time to do readings for next week’s tutorials and start thinking about the 2 essays due for the week after. Oh the workload never ends.
Oh what would I give to spend my days like this. Plump, down pillows, thick fluffy duvet, a good book, sexy out-of-bed hair and to top it off, large windows overlooking nature – what a dream. On a side note, I have come to the random but important conclusion that I’m definitely not going to compromise on the thread count and quality of my bedding covers when I have my own house. Pillows stuffed with goose down feathers will go without saying, of course. Good sleep is just THAT important. And what’s the point of having a nice house when going to sleep is hardly a luxury right? Anyway, I digress.
It has been the longest time since I’ve consciously thought of the list of things to thank God for. It needs to be a habit to take stock of life and be consciously grateful. Having said that, there have been more than a few moments since I’ve been back here that I suddenly realise how blessed I am. Recently, I’ve been so grateful for:
+ Family who supports me emotionally and spiritually, especially during this crazy week
+ Good friends with whom I’ve gone through thick and thin in this foreign land
+ A small but cosy room to live in this year with generally pleasant flatmates
+ Finally being a first-year undergrad despite it being quite challenging
+ Comforts of a double bed to hop into after a long day
+ For the chance to see the family real soon in a month’s time for an awesome vacation away from the UK
+ For the dear boy 6,000 + miles away whose love and care is felt more than can be expected of virtual mediums
+ For the blogs I read pretty much on a daily basis which never fail to either inspire, amaze or amuse me and remind me of the littlest things in life that we should appreciate
+ For the occasional discovery of music like this that is just so right up my alley (;
+ A relatively warm autumn this year; please delay winter :s
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