#35 On the other side

Finally getting some words on this after two weeks of being back here in England. It’s been all good over here except that I’m still recovering from a really bad case of Freshers’ Flu I got last week. I love the season of autumn with all the different shades and hues of trees. The scenery on the train ride to Exeter was amazing, trees of different shades of green, red, orange and yellow – so pretty!
SO. It’s currently 2am, I have just finished a chapter of “Understanding International Relations” – I took too long to read this. I can’t help but wonder if my brain died somewhat over the summer; I’ve had to re-read long sentences to get what they meant and get used to academic language all over again. This isn’t looking too promising..
While I’m on THE other side, I hope this year will be a fulfilling one. Being a proper first year student is going to be so different from last year, what with timetables being suddenly very flexible, complete absence of any ‘spoon-feeding’, the need to be on the ball with readings, piles of self-initiated homework, involvement with campus life etc. All this whilst juggling “double lives”, keeping in touch with people from back home and spending time with friends over here. As I’m typing this, I’m praying that God will keep me together and enable me to do all these with motivation, for the right reasons.
All-rounded, balanced life, you’ve been avoiding me all this time. But like it or not, I’m going to come get you.
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