#27 straight-talking self-talk

It’s been a while, much has happened yet so little of it is actually memorable or the least bit significant. I know I need to get started on my work for today but before I do, I just felt like I need to give myself a bit of a pep talk.
Lately, I feel like negativity is seeping of out my every pore. It’s horrible to behave more irritably than I really am; it’s like the slightest hint of frustration within me is taken and magnified like ten times. And as my dad reminded me, we need to consciously think positive thoughts every day, as cheesy as that sounds.

The road ahead seems rather simple: study hard, get good grades and hop on a plane back home – all in less than two months. The difficult part for me is finding motivation. Discipline will naturally come if I’m motivated and focused enough to do something. 

So. To myself:
– Start planning revision schedule already
– Prioritise time with God {i guess i need it more than i know}
– Commit summer plans to Him: internship, holiday trips, recreational plans, church camp
– Eat out less often, come home straight after school unless absolutely necessary otherwise
– Set goals for self
– Get homework done on the day given itself
– Revise every day
– Park self at the school library if I have to
– Read the news like every day please {it’s terrible how ignorant I am of what’s going on in the world}
That’s about it for now I guess. And I’ve changed my wallpaper to the art poster below for an extra dose of self-motivation (:
And to my dear friends, if you’re reading this, please keep me accountable to what I’ve set out to do. I’ll really appreciate it!
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