#25 do you not know, have you not heard

The past couple of days appear to me, a sudden burst of what my holiday was supposed to have been. My poor excuse for an Easter break of a mere two weeks ended last weekend, by the way. Apart from the fact that there was no school for those two weeks, I didn’t feel “on holiday” at all. Daily 12-hour hibernations would probably be the highlights of my break.
Yesterday saw M and I doing an insane, spontaneous spring cleaning of our rooms. What began with a random request for the cleaner to unlock the closet that held the vacuum cleaners in our flat spawned into an entire afternoon and evening of vacuuming, dusting, wiping down, throwing out of stuff that had been hoarded. Before I knew it, seven hours had passed. I never realised how enjoyable spring cleaning could be with two doors side-by-side flung wide open, a good friend and music that blared through our flat. By the end of the day, I found myself brimming with pride at the ‘sudden’ spaciousness of my room sans the clutter that had accumulated all these months. I went to bed feeling the most accomplished I had been in a while, despite being extremely exhausted with an aching back from all that “workout”.

Anyway, I just want to share some interesting bits off the Internet that I’ve been reveling in.

♥ This quotation by Eleanor Roosevelt as artistically drawn here. It stunned me for a bit and got me thinking how true this is of humans, like what we spend most of our time talking about reflects our minds.

♥ Discovering new music like this album by The Decemberists here. I need to try to get my hands on that album some time.
♥ Stumbling upon truly inspiring and heartwarming blogs like Andrew+Carissa. Love the couple behind it, their heart for people and their photography.
♥ Photography projects such as the “365 Polaroid Quotes” by Parker Fitzgerald. An awesome combination of polaroids and quotations, many of which are centred on Christian love.
♥ Interesting interior design sites like Apartment Therapy
♥ Food and recipe sites are to die for! I quite like this particular one: Cannelle et Vanille
♥ I daresay a number of online magazines have better content quality than some I’ve read in print. Check out Rue, Matchbook and Lonny.
I realise that spending time on the Internet isn’t necessary a bad thing. It boils down to what you go on it for. Apart from the social-networking and communication aspect, I used to read fashion blogs out of curiosity about what people from other parts of the world wear and out of admiration for how they put certain clothes together. After a while, it all felt rather superficial simply because blog posts would be mostly photographs of outfits and I felt that they were written rather in a narcissistic manner. I then stumbled onto lifestyle and inspirational blogs, both personal and professional ones that were more varied and ‘real’ in content. Food blogs with pretty photos and to-try recipes are my weakness; I just can’t stop looking! Personal photography blogs are probably one of my favourites now. I’ve got a confession: I like browsing through archives from the most recent post to the very first one of blogs that I really enjoy reading. And some can go way back to a few years ago.
To some, such online activity may seem a waste of time. I admit, I did think so too at first when I developed a liking for Tumblr sites just so I can look at pretty pictures. But cumulatively, these fashion, lifestyle, design, inspirational, food and photography blogs have taught me quite a lot. Sure, they have nothing to do with my academic life but holistically, they are little gems that have instilled in me a deeper appreciation for design, photography and opened up my eyes to other people’s perspectives on life and living. You’ll find it if you look hard enough and allow yourself to pause for thought each time you stumble upon something provocative, inspiring or just plain beautiful. For example, every photographer has his/her own style of capturing subjects and it’s through their eyes (and lens) that we see what captured their attention in the first place. We see not just the subjects but beyond them into the mood and essence of that particular moment.
I guess I’m still pretty much trying to learn more about myself, life and God at the moment. It’s hard because the path that everyone takes is so different. And I suppose this immersion into the aesthetic and creative online spaces just my way of walking this path for now. Unconventional, maybe. Eye-opening, certainly. I also recognise the need for this said tendency to be governed and restrained, if need be. To lose myself entirely to such ideas would be to be overly idealistic. And perhaps it’s also another way of dealing with reality, side-stepping into an alternative realm that still reflects reality but in a myriad of different manners of portrayal and interpretation. Something like literature the subject. It doesn’t mean we’re running away from reality, just moving into a reality that runs parallel to it, like a sort of subtext to our world. I like the idea of subtext.

Before I sign off, I’d be impressed if anyone knows where the title of this post came from (;



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