#22 Storia d’ Amore

Now that it’s Easter break, I’m spending way too much time on the Internet. If I’m not watching The Big Bang Theory, i’m admiring pretty pictures and good photography on virtual creative spaces. Just today, I came across these stills of a film, Storia d’ Amore, from Swedish photographer, Kalle Gustafsson and I thought they were too good not to share.

For the full range of the film stills, refer to here. The photography is amazing, reflecting a talent that is able to capture the essence of a developing relationship.
Kalle Gustafsson made a short romantic film based in Italy. What I really liked about this film (apart from the sweet storyline, of course) was the mood captured against the backdrop of the Italian sun and sea. Each scene portrayed each stage of the relationship in a different way.
Watching this short film makes me want to visit Italy in the summer; to soak up the sun and explore the hilly city landscape on bikes or by foot like there was no tomorrow would seriously be such a dream – if only life was that carefree. At the same time, I can’t wait to go back home in less than three months! Living abroad has made me realise that perhaps I don’t know my country as well enough as I thought I did. Despite twenty years I’ve lived there, there remain little streets and historically established eating places that I’ve yet to explore and patronise. So many sights left unseen and too many local dishes left insufficiently savoured. I can’t wait for spring to pass (ok, I know it’s just arrived. I DO actually appreciate it) and for summer to hurry come along so that I can hop on the jet plane home. The spell of homesickness is hitting me more frequently these days and I’m sort of running out of novel ideas to distract myself from it. All right, I ought to turn in soon or else I’ll be zombified tomorrow. Potential grand plan for tomorrow: Stick myself at the law library in school to work on my essay. I hope that will do the trick.
P.S. My left wrist is throbbing quite painfully on the underside. I wonder why 😦
Anyway! Have a lovely weekend xx
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