#20 york; things I’m loving

So I’ve gone and come back from York. I must say I’m glad I made that trip; it opened my eyes to interesting things. Just some thoughts during the two days I was there:
– York is less clean and green than Exeter
– People look genuinely surprised when they find that English comes out of my mouth
– York’s campus life is more happening than Exeter’s {or rather, it was their student newspaper that impressed me}
– Having a (clean) room to myself is great
– I could definitely do with more shops in the city centre since Exeter’s is quite limited
– I really need a good camera to capture pictures better {note to self: save up please}
– If I end up in York next year, I am definitely writing for the school newspaper
– Yorkies don’t seem to have a particular trait to them, or maybe I wasn’t there long enough to notice {but they seem less “posh” than Exeter kids}
Having choices is often a good thing but it makes decision-making a lot harder. York’s Politics department is very reputable; yet I can’t make out a clear distinction between Exeter’s, apart from the different modules offered. I can see myself studying in York but environment-wise, I might be happier in Exeter because of the greenery and relatively warm weather. And of course, Devon’s famous clotted cream that cannot be found elsewhere in England. Oh well, it looks like I might have to draw up a table comparing the two universities as Mom has been nagging at me to do, after all.
One week, an essay and a presentation later, I’ve just realised how long it’s been since I last wrote here; it’s as if I was missing an outlet for my thoughts. One exam and a piece of law homework to go, I will embrace my short Easter break with open arms. The usual end-of-term weariness is getting to me and I really need a break, no matter how short. It’s been a while since I’ve taken stock of things I should be grateful for and even though I am making a deliberate effort here to do so, I need to remind myself that deliberation does not make it obligatory or routine. I guess we all need deliberation in including some positivity and goodness in our everyday.
Things I’m loving:
♥ Three more days till school breaks for Easter
♥ cups of Whittard of Chelsea Strawberries and Cream tea that M so kindly shared with me {it’s an amazing, caffeine-free pick-me-up that’s perfect for nights in}
♥ Huge portion of Lebanese chicken with rice and a cup of fragrant filter coffee for dinner at a Middle Eastern cafe near town earlier this evening
♥ Trawling Amazon for good reads that I might just potentially lay my hands on
♥ After-school naps in the evenings {for I can’t seem to do anything else}
♥ Seeing M wolf down two whole bottles of puffed rice seaweed rolls from Singapore within two days
♥ Cosmic bowling with the girls over the weekend {turned out I wasn’t as bad at bowling as I thought!}
♥ Having all English lessons cancelled for the rest of this week {woot!}
♥ Stumbling on cute art online like these ones:

{on a random note, “there, there” is one of the most under-used phrases these days. Simple in its repetition but it embeds much more sympathy, comfort and reassurance than it’s given credit for. We all need more comfort than we sometimes care to admit. I say, we should use it more}
♥ The smell of spring and today’s gloriously warm weather of 16 degrees {this is coming from someone who couldn’t stand anything below 24 degrees of air-conditioners back home}
♥ That feeling of being secretly pleased with myself when random flowers began to burst forth from the ground on campus and I identified them correctly as “crocuses” after pulling the name out of the recesses of my memory of Enid Blyton’s books that spoke so oft of children and crocuses. Of course I told no one of my secret pride.
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