#18 A little rant

Well. Just a need to rant a little about my not-so-pleasant week.
So I botched my eyebrows, spent more money on attempts to remedy them than on the waxing itself, still trying to decide if it’s worth running for the committee for another year, fed myself the most disgusting meal I’ve ever cooked, sacrificed many hours of precious sleep because of the subsequent stomachaches and here I am, not knowing how to feel. Right now: I’m trying not to curse the beautician, not to give in to my temptation to skip a particular class, not to think about whether next week’s trip to York is worth it and I can’t help but dread the long Thursday that is tomorrow.
Okay, maybe all I need is a long, warm shower and a nice cup of tea for now.
Until my eyebrows grow back. Sigh.
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2 Responses to #18 A little rant

  1. Ker Yuanny says:

    Just use eyebrow pencil in the meantime la 🙂

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