#13 Little things

This week has been pretty busy, well it’s hard for me to feel otherwise working on three different assignments, keeping up with law, ploughing through a 600-paged A History of Modern Britain and scheduling property viewings during lunch breaks. So even though Friday itself has been a long day, I still gladly cheer “TGIF!”.
Just thought that with these couple of weeks being rather busy, now would be a good time to remind myself of the littlest things in life that keep me going. Well, more specifically, simple things that I’ve come to treasure a lot more since living abroad on my own.

I don’t know if i’m being too fussy but I get peeved when people act like its their right to have others hold the door for them. As always, a word of ‘thanks’ goes a long way. Especially when doors are of the stiff and heavy variety.

Never ever underestimate the difference clean sheets make to one’s sleep. And the smell is just great too!

Back home, there was never any need to receive mail because I was in the same country as the people in my life. Over here, the joy of receiving something in the mail is just indescribable. It may be a small thing but anything in the post at all for me just makes my day, even if I’m having a horrible one.

You just feel great, you know?

I often got scolded for doing this back home but over here, the ice cream tub belongs to me and me only ^^ Great remedy for bad days, I must add. I am currently craving from Haagen Daz’s Green Tea ice-cream because this being the UK, they don’t do that flavour!
This sounds quite silly but it’s so true when I get too lazy to go get groceries. And this is where my not-so-secret stash of food in my room comes in rather useful ^^
I never appreciated this that much until my communication with loved ones became limited to Skype. I suppose in our face-to-face interactions, there’re just so much in the dynamics that somehow making someone laugh is part and parcel of it all. Whereas on Skype, virtual presence is much less sensory and I gradually realised how much I enjoyed making someone laugh hard, not for the purposes of my ego, but to feel (almost) as if, I was in that person’s physical presence. Strange, I know.
Nothing beats this feeling. Enough said.
Yes, with two spoonfuls of sugar and a few drops of milk please. Except when they are flavoured tea. I wonder if it’s at all possible to try just about every flavour of tea there is out there. So far, my favourites are: English Breakfast, green tea, KOI milk tea (ok this doesn’t really count, but still), rosehip, strawberry and other berry teas.

Lazy weekends = more awesome than we know.
I’ve never really allowed the fear of unhealthy eating hinder my cravings. I can’t help the fact that they occur at midnight even though I know it’s because I stay up late. Midnight snacking can be therapeutic at times too.
All too often, more ‘to-dos’ get added to the list faster than I can strike them off. But that doesn’t change the wonderful feeling I run a line through a ‘to-do’ task. And where would we be without lists!
All images taken from here.

On a side note, I am looking forward to a somewhat relaxing weekend filled with:


Whipping up fried rice for my friends. Last week, my flatmate M sampled a spoonful of the fried rice I had for dinner and went “Oh Ness! This is so good, this is the best fried rice I’ve ever tasted. You have to make it for me some time.” My first reaction was quite cynical because I thought she was patronising me {it’s our inside joke really} but she assured me otherwise. Honestly? I was surprised but flattered. Surprised because my attempts to replicate Mom’s homemade fried rice have been feeble. To put it simply, that compliment made me happy that evening. I’m going to try to improve the recipe this weekend.
Skype session with the person I miss the most.
Sleeping in! I’ve just been so deprived of sleep these days, not just because I turn in to bed late but because of the birds. The birds in Exeter have serious issues with their body clocks. Every night at two am without fail, they chirp and tweet like it’s the morning already. And I just can’t fall asleep; talk about a silly reason for insomnia.
Well. Three things may not be all THAT much to look forward to for the weekend but it’s simple and meaningful enough for a mid-term weekend for me (:

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2 Responses to #13 Little things

  1. mh says:

    v!!!!! wanna know about the only thing i dont like about wordpress??? you have to approve comments & i dont know if you saw my really long comment ): ):
    ah wellsssxxxzzz.
    hope you have been good reply my whatsapp if you haven! the last i checked last night you didnt i think 😛

    love you v much xoxo,

  2. mh says:

    oh wait it seemed like you dont have to approve them anymore!!!
    heehee awesomesssxxzzz btw v, you should go get twitter!!!!!!!!!!

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