#11 things i’m loving this week

Just a very short post, since I didn’t want to make the previous post unnecessarily long.
Some things I loved this week:
♥ Discovering new fabulous blogs
♥ Finishing a book in a long while
♥ Asian grocery store finds like Milo, canned herbal tea, green tea bags with a Japanese-sounding name for a brand {i found out later that it is a product of USA}
♥ Having classes in the new building {bigger and more spacious classrooms = better concentration!}
♥ Actually paying attention during Law for the full duration of the class {maybe because we’re doing Tort, or maybe it’s the new classroom}
♥ Staying home to rest on Wednesday instead of going to school
♥ Skyping with family on the morning of Chinese New Year to soak up the festive atmosphere. Well, vicariously anyway
♥ The 4-hour late night phone conversation with T-Rex and falling asleep right after
♥ The guilty pleasure of taking cabs to school to avoid the dreadful weather
♥ Leaving a get-well note and a packet of Pocky sticks outside my flatmate’s door {giving really leaves one feeling as if one were the recipient instead}
What are you thankful for this week? (:
To end off, Happy Lunar New Year to all!
{source: Tumblr}

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