#10 you are what you read

Food for thought. Food for the soul. Possibly the two over-arching reasons why I love to read. It feeds one new ideas, offers new perspectives with words that ebb and flow onto each other like waves of the sea. Opening a book is like stepping into another realm, a dimensional and temporal escape from reality. We take ourselves as we are, experiences, beliefs, emotions and all into that world and emerge, a whole book later, possibly enlightened or emotional. I’ve always defined a good book as one that teaches us something or leaves us feeling a bit emotional.

Side note: Lately I’ve been having problems linking up the URLs to the images, I have absolutely no idea how to fix this. So to quote the sources of the pictures above: {www.bookshelves.tumblr.com, http://www.booklover.tumblr.com}


(Somewhat frivolous) books I’ve been wanting to read:
Across the Universe {Beth Revis}
The Red Necklace {Sally Gardner}
Neverwhere {Neil Gaiman}
The Art of Non-Conformity {Chris Guillebeau}
Influence {Olsen twins}
Unfortunately, I’ve yet to clear my current stack of ‘to-reads’ on my windowsill. I’ve got three books that I’m halfway reading and two books that are untouched. Sheesh. I guess i just like to get my hands on those desirable books. Personally I like books that portray life in an artistic manner, those fiction ones that show rather than tell you what life should be about (i.e. those self-help books). Being straightforward in that sense robs the novel’s message of its meaning. It is in the art of story-telling, the style of a writer, the images painted by words that meaning is shaped into something so beautifully tangible and real for the reader. Books like The Book Thief by Markus Zusak uphold the value of the written word through the story of a girl who will stop at nothing for a book to read during the Nazi reign in Germany. Or books like The Perks of being a Wallflower by Stephen Chobsky which speak of the coming-of-age experience of an eleven year old boy. Perspective can be a very powerful thing.
Just something I’ve been musing these days: we are, to a certain extent, what we read. Our subconscious is like a sponge, it soaks up what we feed our minds. I guess that’s where the need to have a balance between reading the ‘frivolous’ and reading the ‘sensible’ stuff. I find it crazy that we often randomly remember something we read a long while ago.
At present, my (almost) daily reads are blogs of all sorts (think lifestyle, fashion, inspiration, photography), a few chapters of Let me be a Woman and forcedly, the news at Straits Times online and Wall Street Journal online.
By the end of the post, I conclude that my thoughts are pretty much all over the place today and I haven’t been able to elaborate as much as I would like. This post is wordy enough I should think.
A simple pleasure of the weekend: Discovering honey butter toast – mmm.

Taken from Google Images

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2 Responses to #10 you are what you read

  1. mh says:

    i want this honey (butter) toast!!!!! but can i do without the butter please i h8 butter ): hahaha looks awesome tho! did you try it? 😀

  2. vkoh says:

    haha i made my own toast at home, it was awesome (: It didn’t look like the one in the picture though.

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