#8 let the sunlight in

A ray of hope? Maybe.

source: unknown
To lend some warmth? Depends. (For the record, the sun in the UK isn’t of much help in this department. It’s still too cold!)
A reason to be cheerful? Perhaps.

To let it penetrate the darkness? Definitely.

When it shines directly in your eyes, it holds its power to blind and disorient the eyes.
When it shines on all that is below, it radiates beauty.
When it falls on nooks and crannies, it illuminates and uncovers traces of abandon.
When it reaches into the dark corners of your soul, it enlightens.
We often take light for granted until we really need it when we’re groping our way through the dark. It stands for all that is true; all that is the Truth. Especially when that darkness is the deepest recess of our hearts. The depths of our hearts have yet to known, yet to be explored and yet to be understood.
Hope is to always be in the Light, to be guided step by step in the Darkness that is life.
“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.”
Psalms 119:105
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