#7 Gratitude

Exams, needless to say, have always (and still) stress me out. I’m over the moon that they’re over. The past couple of weeks have seen me hanging on by a thread, trying not to go insane over cramming my head with legal principles and historical dates. Although i must admit that my procrastination probably made me deserving of self-inflicted stress.
Surviving on multiple cups of green tea daily, six hours of sleep at the most, junk food to keep me going (i know) – it felt like academic hell, even though i know nothing can be as hard as A’levels. In retrospect, getting through those weeks was made possible only by God’s grace. I am not hoping for brilliant results, decent ones would make me grateful enough. Day by day I prayed the same prayer that I would be enabled to surrender everything to Him. Boy, that is probably the hardest thing for a human to do. Putting aside reason, self-doubt and emotions that always threaten to overwhelm my entire being to just simply trust the One who knew my results before I even sat for the papers. Scary to say the least. But having gone through all that, I am reminding myself to be grateful for the little miracles.
I guess being grateful isn’t a one-off deal. It doesn’t happen only after something awesome happens. It happens even when you have nothing to be happy about, when nothing seems to be going right – it is deliberate choice that needs to be made every single day. It’s choosing to rise above the circumstances and emotions to say ‘i am grateful for the small things’. Reminds me of what Mom always tells me: to count my blessings every morning. Admittedly, it isn’t the most so-called “normal” thing to do, it isn’t natural for the average human being to be thankful for the circumstances that call for otherwise. When we choose to look above life itself, we begin to discover that life itself is not the point but rather, the fact that we choose to be grateful will make a huge difference to the way we perceive life.
Okay, I haven’t done this in a while because of the exams but here we go.
Things I’m loving this week:
♥ packages from home containing my shampoo supplies (yes!) and Chinese New Year goodies
♥ the post-exam long weekend break
♥ Movie night with the girls {Tangled, Priceless}
♥ the new sushi place that just opened near my place – and it’s authentic
♥ soft white tissues {seriously, the texture makes a big difference}
♥ a new pink fleece blanket which keeps me really warm ^^
♥ Copella’s Apple and Elderflower juice
♥ new additions to my secret stash of sustenance {think Biscuit Curls, Rich Tea Fingers and Caramel Wafers}
♥ time to catch up on my many half-read materials {the line-up: The AlchemistLet me be a Woman and this month’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar}
I would really like to be able to do this all day. Sigh. And a hammock in my room would be beyond awesome.


This week:
Get my butt to church which I am ashamed to admit I haven’t been in almost two months
Clean up my room {room inspections on Monday, yikes}
Organise my study table for the new semester
Brace myself to study harder and not get myself into hot soup when the next round of exams come 😡


I’m currently in a pensive mood which is a good thing I suppose. The perfect escape from the humdrum of school and homework. And I’d like to think it is a good time to pause and reflect during this long weekend, to rejuvenate and refresh myself before school starts again next week. Some call it daydreaming, others call it an excess of thought but I’d like to label it as ‘thought pre-occupation’, as something productive (;
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2 Responses to #7 Gratitude

  1. Ker Yuanny says:

    Heyy babe !
    So glad too see that you’ve updated your blog and that exams are finally over! it seems like you have some great plans ahead to organize your life back again. How long are your post-exam holidays? PS: Tangled was out in singapore so long ago!!! But its a must watch, feel-awesome movie.

    There’s no exams for our sems but currently we are chionging all our projects which are due next week and the week after next. Including our Written Comm essay, Social Psychology final presentation (prejudice and discrimination) , Radio Capsule and Final Speech(im doing on PIxar). If these sound familiar to you, well it shouldn’t. Haha!

    Also, one thing i learnt is that instead of always reminding yourself to feel the right things ( like gratitude and counting your blessings) you can dwell in the presence of God and the holy spirit more. Dwelling in His presence always seem to automatically set your heart and mood in a more positive light.

    Missed talkin to you~ Busy times ahead.


  2. vkoh says:

    LKY ^^ well my post-exam break is over. I just got last thursday and friday off, that’s all :p haha yeah i know, the UK is pretty slow with the movies. Wow that sounds like you’re up to your neck with all those assignments. All the best 😀 hahah nope they’re not exactly familiar, although i get a vague idea of what they are about.

    Thanks for your encouragement 🙂 it’s so true. Well, keep me posted about how your assignments are doing k! Skype with you when you’re done with all your deadlines 🙂

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