#5 mid-week delights; movies

First week back at school has been, well, slightly boring. Attempted speeding up of lessons, impending exams in one and a half weeks’ time; yet, it feels so dull. My sleep-deprived brain needs to register that exams are coming. There’s nothing that can shrug off the dread that exams bring except the launching and immersing of oneself into studying. As Mom would say, “your nose needs to be buried in the books”. Gee.
Anyway, on a brighter note…
Things that made me happy so far this week:
– feedback for the mitigation plea practice yesterday was more positive than expected
– history essay was commented to be of “good stuff” {woot! Considering i stayed up till four last night, albeit with embarrassing grammatical errors}
– two mail packages that awaited me by the door when i came home ❤
{source: some tumblr site}
– my awesome flatmate M just came back {to save me from the boys}
– stumbling upon virtual eye candy {here}
– locating my screwdriver and finally single-handedly screwing back the two nails that fell out of my lousy chair
– ordering Indian delivery for dinner on lazy nights like this
– getting to sleep in because school starts at two tomorrow
Just thought I’ll share these exciting movie trailers. I’m absolutely dying to watch these after exams!
and this.
AND this too!
Three awesome movies: The Black Swan and The Housemaid are psychological thrillers and Never Let Me Go is a drama. All very fascinating and exciting. Well, to me anyway. Unfortunately, with The Housemaid being a Korean film, I highly doubt its release here in the UK. Movie releases here are weird, sometimes even lagging behind Singapore’s.
On a totally random note, I’ve finally figured out how to make the font smaller. Hooray! Can’t stand it when it’s huge, reminds me too much of my own handwriting.
Okay. I need to get back to the books.
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