#4 lethargy; this week; nessie

Well. This picture pretty much sums up how i feel today most of the time.  And i think Mom would be more than happy to agree with me. I just love that look on her face, it’s that i-don’t-care-what-everyone-else-thinks-i-know-i’m-right kind of face. Priceless and probably accurate too!

{source: unknown}

Moving on to things i’m loving this week:

❤ Fabric softener in Summer Breeze = softer and yummy-smelling clothes!

❤ My red Starbucks tumbler {keeps my drink warmer than the plastic kettle does}

❤ Mornings spent with God

❤ Home-cooked roasted parsnips

whatsapp so that I can “sms” people as if I’m in Singapore ^^

❤ Skype sessions with precious people

❤ Cream tea with the girls in Topsham

❤ Daydreaming {my favourite!}

❤ My dear old sissy


Things I’m not loving as much but trying to:

– My dreaded WWII essay + my current mental block D:

– School starting on Monday

– Exams in 3 weeks’ time

– My apparent inability to get out of bed before 11am

– Thin walls {hey they disturb the peace you know}

– Floorboards that creak when you step on them

– My messy room {need to do something about it}

While I must say 2011 is off on a fairly good start for me, the thought of the next couple of months leading up to the final exams in May is admittedly scary. No more slacking and being distracted by pretty things on the internet. I need to be focused and use that rusty old brain that God has given me. And this sounds like a good motto cum mantra kind of thing:

I wanted to do a more meaningful post but I guess this being like one in the morning gives my cluttered state of mind some sort of excuse to be random. But before I end off, just a short little note on why the blog name is what it is; basically, a childhood nickname that was affectionately associated with the mythical “Nessie” the Loch Ness monster of the Loch Ness lake in Scotland by my aunt. Controversies still remain over its existence but that doesn’t matter much to me. Somehow, fairytales and mythical creatures like changelings still have me fascinated. And of course, The Stolen Child, both the novel and the poem remains one of my favourites. And isn’t this so cute? 😀

{source: unknown}

Have a good weekend everybody!

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2 Responses to #4 lethargy; this week; nessie

  1. Ker Yuanny says:

    Hey Vanny! Its just me leavin’ a tag here on your blog, which i must say i like it alot! The simplicity of it, and you treating it as a half tumblr/half blog. Cute! haha.
    Blog often cos i’ll be checkin in al the time girl! Haha okok i sound like a stalker.

    Ps: Dreamt a funny dream last night that you came back to singapore, and all you wanted to do when we hang out was to buy cheesecake from the cheesecake warehouse……

    Loves hugs kisses squashes.

  2. vkoh says:

    Hey babe! Aw thanks 🙂 yup i’ll try blog as often as i can although school work obviously gets in the way. Haha i stalk your blog too! You just don’t know it 😉 and your dream sounds super funny! I don’t even know where the cheesecake warehouse is. Love you ❤

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